Insulated Cladded and Plastered Ceiling

Plastered Conservatory Ceiling

With various types of insulated services you can opt for when converting your conservatory roof, an insulated plastered ceiling is really an option to consider due to all the benefits that will suit you financially, as well as suiting your family when it comes to spending time together. Plastered ceilings are the most professional looking conservatory roof conversions from the inside as they have a smooth finish

Plastered Conservatory Roof

Conservatory Cladded Ceiling

Cladded ceilings are becoming a more popular decision when it comes to deciding what type of insulated conservatory ceiling you require due to its many outstanding additions to it. A cladded ceiling will make your conservatory look and feel brighter than what it previously was. An insulated cladded ceiling will also be a great addition to the conservatory that you already have.

Cladded Conservatory Roof

Money and Time

The process of having one of these ceilings is that they are fitted fairly easy and fast. After discussing your personal needs and requirements, your plastered conservatory ceiling will only take 1 to 2 days to install which is highly beneficial if you are worried about timings. For a small investment to get it fitted, the conservatory ceiling will save you money in the long term too. As in the winter you will not have to have your heating on as much due to the heat that your insulated plastered ceiling keeps in. Yet in the summer, heat is reduced to make sure that having this ceiling fitted is season

More Benefits

It doesn’t end there. On top of all of the benefits that are listed above, there are more. Due to the extra layer in your conservatory, there will be a huge noise reduction. This means that if it is raining or you have a bird on top of your conservatory, you don’t have to worry about leaving your conservatory due to extreme noise as you will hardly be able to hear it. Also, a plastered ceiling does not affect the amount of light entering your conservatory, but, if you would still like to have lights in your conservatory, a plastered ceiling gives you the option of having them fitted into the ceiling for more convenience and extra lighting to create an ambiance effect.


Conservatories are a good addition to add onto your house, but if they always go from one extreme temperature to the other, then they will be avoided when deciding what room of the house to spend time in. But, with an Insulated plastered conservatory ceiling or a insulated cladded ceiling then this worry will no longer exist. As in the summer, the heat inside your conservatory will decrease by 75%, and in the winter, the heat of your conservatory will increase by 90%. Turning your conservatory into a room that you would like to spend time in.