Making Conversatories Suitable With Conservatory Roof Conversions

Most conservatory temperatures are either one extreme or the other, this is due to the type of roof you have on your conservatory and the quality of it. Conservatory roof conversions can release all of these negative factors of a conservatory by simply changing certain things about the space.

All year round

With a conservatory roof conversion, your conservatory will change from a room that no one will really want to go into, to a room that everyone will want to spend time in. This is because a conservatory roof conversion insulates heat in the winter too keep it warm, but reflects the heat in the winter to make sure that it doesn’t over heat and stays the right temperature.

Tiled Roofs

By fitting a tiled roof onto your conservatory, you can decrease the amount of cold air entering your conservatory, or the amount of heat escaping, because of this your heating bills will decrease. As an extra benefit, having a tiled conservatory roof will help the environment, this is because the tiles are recycled and environmentally friendly, ensuring that that by fitting the tiles to your conservatory roof, it benefits the environment as well as yourself and your family. After investing some money into converting your conservatory roof, the long term effects are much more financially beneficial.

Roof insulation

Conservatory roof conversions can increase the heat in your house, as when your conservatory roof has been converted, there is an extra layer of protection over your conservatory, making it harder for heat to escape and cold air to enter. As another benefit, your conservatories appearance will be a lot nicer as the job will be done by trained professionals, ensuring that the insulation is correct and that no mistakes are made to make your conservatory unsuitable.


My conservatory was never the right temperature so it was just like a pointless room in our house, until I found out about Conservatory Roof Conversions and now we spend so much time in there as a family, it’s so good! Such a quick, cheap long term fix!