Conservatory Roof Conversion

What Conservatory Roof Conversion is best for you?

Here at conservatory roof conversions, we have numerous types of Conservatory Roof Conversions for you to have fitted by our professional team. What roof you have fitted is totally up to you but below are a few benefits of each roof to consider when making your final decision.

Why have a conservatory roof conversion?

Conservatories are usually avoided during most seasons as their temperatures are too cold in the winter but too hot in the summer. If you have a conservatory roof conversion, you will not have to worry about the temperature as they are all insulated.

Tiled Conservatory Roof Benefits

Tiled Conservatory roof is one of the most attractive conservatory roof due to the colours and design that it is fitted in. As well as this, a tiled roof is Eco Friendly and can be fitted within 3-4 days, ensuring that the job is completed properly whilst it is being completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our Tiled Conservatory Roofs also come with a 10 year satisfaction guarantee to ensure that all of our clients are happy with our work. Price matching any other company who offers the same service as us for a better price.

Cladded Conservatory Roof Benefits

One of our most popular Conservatory Roof Conversions, our Cladded ceiling is water resistant whilst being quick and easy to install. A member of our team will ensure that your cladded ceiling is fitted in the best timing possible, without leaving a mess! Being financially beneficial, our ceilings also insulate your conservatory to ensure that the temperature inside isn’t too extreme! Our Cladded Ceilings do not affect the amount of light that enters your conservatory too!

Plastered Conservatory Roof Benefits

Our Plastered conservatory ceilings are the most professional looking roofs out of all our roofs from the inside. Plastered ceilings feel and look like you have more room in your conservatory. Whilst being financially beneficial, our ceilings reduce any outside sound by up to 80%! Meaning that you will not hear the rain as much when you are sitting inside!