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Conservatory Roof

The best roof for a Conservatory

Have you been thinking about changing the roof of your conservatory, worried about cost or which one to go for? Here at Conservatory-roof-Conversions, we are experts in creating the best roof for a conservatory. Whether you want to stay with glass, move to plastic or even try out brick. We will be sure to give you the best finish.

The benefits of a roof conversion

We all know that during the Christmas period it can get quite cold, especially in the conservatory. So why have one, if you can’t even stay in it? By having a conservatory roof conversion it means that your heating won’t be turned on as often, saving you money and energy. Not only that, furthermore it will increase the originality and aesthetics of your conservatory. Meaning, that it will be more appealing if you ever wish to sell the property in the future.

What is there to choose from?

There are three main forms to choose from, either an Insulated cladded ceiling, Insulated plastered ceiling or a Tiled Conservatory Roof

  • Cladded Ceilings – An ever growing popular decision when deciding which type of roof to have in your conservatory, it’ll help create a bigger and brighter illusion to your home. You’ll definitely notice a difference.
  • Plastered Ceilings – If you’re looking for more of a smooth and professional finish. Then a Plastered Ceiling is the one for you. Being financially beneficial, which will be more suited to spending time with your family. Deciding to go for a Plastered Ceiling Conversion, is one to consider.
  • Tiled Roof Ceilings – Being one of the most popular choices due to all of it’s benefits, having a Tile roof is definitely one to consider. A brilliant investment for the future, considering that the money you’ll be spending now will save you more in the future regarding your heating bills. Knowing that you won’t need to have your heating on as often as what you previously had. Not only it being better value for money, it is also economically friendly, and suited to your specific taste and needs.

All things considered, at the end of the day the decision is all down to you and what you think your home needs. At Conservatory-roof-Conversions all of our different types of ceilings which we offer all have their own unique benefits and styles. With our high quality service and products, the only thing you’ll be having to worry about is what ceiling to go for.

Why Have Conservatory Roof Insulation?

Conservatories aren’t always the warmest or coolest place to spend time in during the various seasons, which often makes them a well avoided area of the house. Whereas, if conservatory roof insulation is fitted then these worries will no longer exist.


During the summer months, conservatories can become stuffy and overly warm due to the positioning and temperature of the sun, but in the winter months, conservatories can become too cold. These make most conservatories become avoided all year around, which makes them pointless. But, with Conservatory roof insulation, these situations can be easily avoided, as the insulation keeps the conservatory warm during winter months and cool during summer months. Making Conservatory roof insulation very beneficial.


In this day and age, nothing is cheap anymore. Due to the temperature change in your conservatory, your heating bills will also decrease, as you will not have to use the heating as often. Making conservatory roof insulation a good investment for you in the long run, as well as in the short run. With Conservatory Roof Conversions 30% off all services offer. Plus a guaranteed price match if you find another company offering the same quality services for a lower price you are guaranteed to save money.

Various Types

Conservatory roof insulations can vary depending on what type you would like. Ranging between Insulated Cladded Ceilings, Tiled conservatory roofs and Insulated plastered ceiling, all offering different styles and benefits, depending on what you are looking for. If you are unsure what type of conservatory roof insulation you require, a member of our team can set up a consultation with you to help you decide what insulation suits you, ensuring that you get the best possible outcome that you require that will suit you financially, as well as benefitting your conservatory.


‘Conservatory roof insulation is the best thing that I and my wife have invested in! We are still amazed with how much the temperature of our conservatory has changed for the better!

Making Conversatories Suitable With Conservatory Roof Conversions

Most conservatory temperatures are either one extreme or the other, this is due to the type of roof you have on your conservatory and the quality of it. Conservatory roof conversions can release all of these negative factors of a conservatory by simply changing certain things about the space.

All year round

With a conservatory roof conversion, your conservatory will change from a room that no one will really want to go into, to a room that everyone will want to spend time in. This is because a conservatory roof conversion insulates heat in the winter too keep it warm, but reflects the heat in the winter to make sure that it doesn’t over heat and stays the right temperature.

Tiled Roofs

By fitting a tiled roof onto your conservatory, you can decrease the amount of cold air entering your conservatory, or the amount of heat escaping, because of this your heating bills will decrease. As an extra benefit, having a tiled conservatory roof will help the environment, this is because the tiles are recycled and environmentally friendly, ensuring that that by fitting the tiles to your conservatory roof, it benefits the environment as well as yourself and your family. After investing some money into converting your conservatory roof, the long term effects are much more financially beneficial.

Roof insulation

Conservatory roof conversions can increase the heat in your house, as when your conservatory roof has been converted, there is an extra layer of protection over your conservatory, making it harder for heat to escape and cold air to enter. As another benefit, your conservatories appearance will be a lot nicer as the job will be done by trained professionals, ensuring that the insulation is correct and that no mistakes are made to make your conservatory unsuitable.


My conservatory was never the right temperature so it was just like a pointless room in our house, until I found out about Conservatory Roof Conversions and now we spend so much time in there as a family, it’s so good! Such a quick, cheap long term fix!

Tiled roof on conservatory

Benefits of a tiled conservatory roof

There are many types of conservatories available which makes it easier than ever to add more space to your house however conservatories have the tendency to be too hot in spring/summer and too cold in autumn/winter so they can’t be enjoyed throughout the year. However to combat this problem you can have a conservatory roof installed to regulate the temperature whatever the weather and this is just one of the many benefits of a tiled conservatory roof. Read more to find out more information.


By fitting a tiled conservatory roof, your bills will reduce due to the decrease of cold air getting in during the winter and the tiled conservatory roof also prevents a greenhouse situation in your conservatory by avoiding the build-up of heat when the sun is blaring in the summer. This saves you money on your heating bills due to natural temperatures. Making a tiled conservatory roof suitable for any season of the year. Making your conservatory roof more appealing on the inside and out. Tiled conservatory roofs can also be fitted for low competitive prices by many conservatory roof fitters, but, 10/10 previous customers would recommend conservatory roof conversions for these services and many more, making us one of the best Conservatory roof companies in most local place.


Due to the material of the tiles, if there is rain or a bird on top of your conservatory, you won’t hear as much noise. This is a clear benefit when you just want to relax in your conservatory without any loud noise distracting you or your family. With tiled conservatory roofs, upon request, the tiles can also match with the tiles on the roof of your house, making your conservatory blend in and follow the colour scheme of your existing tiles, to create a professional look.

Helping the environment

By fitting tiles onto your conservatory roof you will also be helping the environment during this process. The tiles are environmentally friendly and recycled, making sure that the services are beneficial for everyone. Making them lighter and easier to transport to any customers properties.

Customer review in Milton Keynes

I am very thankful for the work Conservatory Roof Conversion did on my conservatory in February. The conservatory is fantastic and I can know enjoy the space whether it is cold or hot outside.


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